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A dildo is a sex toy that can be used for sexual penetration of the vagina or anus. They are used during sexual activities with sex partners or masturbation. Dildos come in the shape and form of a penis and are usually solid in nature. These devices are used by people of all genders and sexual orientation. It is clear that dildos have been in use throughout history but they have become more common over recent years. They come in various forms such as rubber, PVC, silicon, high-end steel and even glass. However, with recent advancements in technology, there are special types of dildos called the realistic dildos. These types of dildos are specially designed to look and feel more like an actual penis. They are made out of a high-quality mixture of silicon and PVC plastic hence the life-like feel.

Two of the most common names for the materials used to make realistic dildos are Cyberskin and UR3.0. However, some other similar compounds are used as well. The main characteristic of all realistic dildos is that they have lifelike features that you would find on a man's parts such as balls at the base of the shaft and bulging veins along the shaft. Some of the other dildos would not give you the amount of pleasure you desire because they are not very realistic. Another interesting fact about the realistic dildo is that some of them are actually molded from the parts of famous pornstars.

A realistic dildo, just like all other dildos, is used for vaginal and anal penetration. If the dildo is large enough, it can also be used for oral penetration as a mouth gag. Many of the realistic dildos sold commercially come with a suction cup at the base. The suction cup can be moistened and used to attach the dildo to any hard, smooth surface such as a table. The person using the dildo can then insert it into their body and begin stimulating themselves. The suction cup can also be attached to a harness, generally referred to as a strap-on, allowing the person using the sex toy to penetrate their sex partner. Harnesses are mainly used by lesbians to add the feel of a real penis to their sex life. However, they may also be used by heterosexual couples playing gender reversal roles where the woman may penetrate the man's anus. Gay men can also use strap-on harnesses and realistic dildos to give the partner the feel of a new penis.

Realistic dildos are often a bit more tricky to clean after use and extra care should, therefore, be taken when cleaning. This is because of all the bumps, lumps and veins that could provide hiding places for germs and bacteria to hide. The material used to make them is also porous, allowing tiny bacteria to get inside the rubber where it can grow and thrive. Sterilizing the dildo is very difficult as heat and harsh chemicals may damage it. It is, therefore, best to clean it using some warm water and antibacterial soap to clean it thoroughly then drying it with a cloth or soft tissue.You can also apply corn starch or corn flour after cleaning in order to extend its lifespan since the material wears out quickly. When using them, it is important to put a condom on the dildo to prevent any form of infection. You should also not share the dildos with a partner to also prevent sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Realistic dildos are the go-to sex toys if you want to get the look and feel of a real penis. They guarantee maximum pleasure to their users and you should not shy away from using them. They are also set to bring some adventure into your bedroom.

Today sex toys have much demand than ever before. This has led to creation of more more stimulating and enjoyable sex toys like the Rabbit vibrator. A look into sex toys history would declare rabbit vibrators as newcomers since they appeared a little while back in the 1900. Despite its late arrival in the market, it has been much older competitors such as dildo. This is because it is designed to provide a deeper sensation than other.

Rabbit vibrators, sometimes referred to as Jack rabbit, and to others it is Jessica rabbit is modeled as bunny ears. Its name is derived from its look of a rabbit’s pair of ears. These bunny ears are made long and thin, enabling them to rotate faster and vibrate as well. With these caressing sensation, it fully give passionate feeling to the clitoris as desired by many women. Using rabbit vibrator is easy.

First, one must master the toy. Most of them come with many buttons; that is the shaft button and the other for clitoral stimulation. This is a plus since it enables setting of different speeds and patterns. But what is key is a good mastery of the control buttons. It will help in avoiding fumbling and may be pressing the wrong button during the showdown.

Before inserting into the vagina, water based lubricant is applied on the vibrator. This is to moderate unwanted friction, it will also increase the pleasure sensation. When ready, the rabbit like stimulator is to rest on the clitoris and the inner labia as the shaft goes in to the vagina. It is to offer a G-spot stimulation with a pleasurable feeling. Then turn on the rabbit vibrator, either one can choose to take one button at a time, that is the shaft or the clitoris stimulator then increase the speed slowly as the arousal grow. Or one can choose to turn everything on at ones. Then let the rabbit vibrator performs its magic, you can increase the speed as things nears the climax. A first time user might have quick orgasm, but with more use the person is to be accustomed to the sensation.

After the game, it is ideal and hygienic to clean the toy. Before cleaning, ensure to check if it is waterproof, then remove the batteries. Proper cleaning can also be done by using toy cleaners, they are in spray form and also Ph. balanced to protect the skin Cleaning the toy prolongs its life and also protects you from bacterial infection, dust and even yeast infection. After proper cleaning, the toy is not to be carelessly thrown, rather it must be properly stored.

First ensure they are not stored with the batteries to prevent it from damage since the batteries might leak or even corrode. The rabbit toy must also not be stored while still wet, it must be put in a cool dry placed and well properly covered in a storage bag or any other alternative. Rabbit vibrator is perfect for a sexually active woman. Its ability to double the stimulation of a woman by stimulating both the clitoris and vagina makes it perfect. It is easy to use and maintain and no woman should shy away from having one.